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As of now, colliders are not working. Download, unzip and play CaveLevel-TOB-Playtest. when you are done fill out the survey below:




Hello! Thank you for participating in our playtest session for our capstone project. Play and fill out the survey below:


Any piece of feedback is valuable, thank you for testing our game!

About this playtest:
The main purpose of this playtest is to determine how combat feels to engage with. Balance is not as much of a concern for this playtest. You were given control of 3 characters, which is more than players would start with in the final game. This was done to provide some context for how different characters will have access to different abilities and how they will alternate turns.
Note: We plan to communicate a lot more information about what abilities can do and what the enemies are doing, but we have not gotten to the stage of implementing it yet.

Install instructions

Instructions for: CaveLevel-TOB-Playtest

Download the zip, unzip it, run the executable "Capstone Project", and play the game before you fill out the survey.


Instructions for: COMBAT-TOB-Playtest

Download the zip, unzip it, run the executable "Tower of Babel", and play the game before you fill out the survey.
P.S: Password is currently required, even though it says it's optional.


CaveLevel-TOB-Playtest 42 MB
COMBAT-TOB-Playtest.zip 41 MB

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