P.S: the WebGL version works weird so I recommend downloading the Windows version down below!

This game represents how sometimes we believe we can hide from real-life problems. However, even though we need to face our monsters in a scary world with finite chances, we are still heroes just for being here.


  • Helen Lam
  • Cristina Pereira
  • Mia W.
  • Katja Hamalainen


  •  Darkstar83 - Unexpected Voyager (Main Menu)
  • Christian H. Soetemann - The Aural Rear-view Mirror III (Real-life world)
  • Lex Villena - Zero15 (Game World)

Creative commons licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


WindowsBuild_0.2 37 MB
WindowsBuild_0.1 28 MB

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